Who is PC Eddie?

I humbly welcome you to my blog. My name Ed Ramirez but my niece and nephews called me Uncle Eddie which transformed to PC Eddie while deciding on name for my blog. I have been working in the Information Technology since 1997 and have been working with computers since 1992.

How I came about to work in the Information Technology field was timing and luck. While a student of the University of South Florida in 1995, I was majoring in Accounting and learned quickly that I was not cut out to be an Accountant. With my head hung low, I went to the my college counselor to ask ask about other majors. With one simple question “What are your interests/hobbies?” With one simple answer “computers” and with a piece of advise from my Dad “Son, learn as much about computers as you can because one day everyone will be using computers”. I walked out of the college counselor’s office with a new major (Management Information System or MIS). After graduating from the University of South Florida in 1997 with a Bachelor of Science in MIS, I was fortunate that someone took a chance and hired me as a desktop support tech.

As I work on new projects, I will post the projects on my blog. I encourage feedback and can be reached at pceddienc@gmail.com.