Installing Prey on a MacBook Pro

Sunday afternoon I installed the Prey software on my MacBook Pro. I discovered this software on Saturday and curious to learn more about Prey Project and the software product Prey. I created a video PC Eddie Installs Prey On His MacBook Pro which describes how to install Prey on a Apple laptop and review the different settings. I will test Prey and post my results later this week.

Since Prey is a open source project, you can view the code on their web site. Below are the featuresthat come with the free version.

  • can be installed on Windows, Apple, Linux, and Android devices
  • 100% geolocation aware
  • take a picture with your web cam
  • lockdown your computer or laptop
  • Wifi auto connect
  • ability to take screen shots
  • scan your hardware
  • Prey does not leave a memory footprint
  • hide Outlook and Thunderbird data
  • remove stored passwords
  • automatically update Prey software

The Prey Project offers a pro account that has more features.

  • Prey active mode which allows you to keep track of your computer or laptop when it is not stolen
  • 100 reports per device
  • Prey on demand which allows you to request new reports or perform actions in real time
  • increase the reports to 2 minute intervals
  • full SSL encryption
  • automated Prey deployment

The price of the pro account ranges from $5 per month up to $399 per month which offers a price range to suit everybody’s budget. The Prey Project offers a 10% discount for people who pay annually.

If you are thinking about securing your computer, laptop, or Android phone try Prey.




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