Installing Dad’s Computer

The transportation of my Dad’s new Gateway computer to Florida was painless and trouble free. The installation of the computer at my Dad’s house involved some pain but the outcome was well worth it. Whenever I work on a project or any job, I go by the philosophy “Plan for the worst and hope for the best”. This has severed me well over the years and for this installation as well. Three hurdles that I overcame during the installation were 4 Bright House email accounts, an old printer, and an old scanner. The second and the third hurdles were not bad as Windows 8 Pro was able to find the drivers for the printer and scanner. The first hurdle took some effort to understand and develop a solution. My Dad had 4 BrightHouse emails accounts setup in Outlook 2003 as POP3. He has been using this setup for about 7 years. I wanted to get his email to the cloud and what better way to do that with an account I created for him. Once I was able to access each one of his BrightHouse email accounts, I setup up each BrightHouse email account to forward the emails to his email account. I choose the forwarding option to not leave the email on the Bright House email server. After locating his .pst file from Outlook 2003 and exporting his contacts, I was able to import the information to Outlook 2013. The big challenge was exporting his contacts from the Palm software and importing the contacts to Outlook 2013. I was able to find the export option within the Palm software and imported the contacts with no issues. Transferring the data from the hard drives of his old computer to his new computer went off without a hitch.

After transferring the data to my Dad’s new computer and setting up his printer and scanner, he was able to use the computer. He quickly got use to using the tiles to access his applications but I noticed he ended up going to the desktop and selecting the applications he wanted to use. After coming back from vacation and giving my Dad a few weeks to use the computer, I followed up with him. The overall verdict is he likes the computer and Windows 8 Pro. He is getting use to the tiles and learning how to use all of the Windows 8 Pro features. I have also setup Skype (Place Link Here) so we can videoconferences and he can see the grandchildren at my sister and brother in-laws’ house.

Overall I am glad that I decided to take the challenge to setup a Windows 8 Pro computer for my dad, as he has a more secure operation system, more available features at his fingertips, and opportunities to learn more about computers.

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