What to do with a Google Chromecast?

On July 24, 2013 Google introduced and made available to the world Chromecast. A small device that connects to one of your TV’s HDMI ports and allows you to stream a handful of apps from your computer/laptop, tablet, or smartphone. With a limited-time promotion of free Netflix (www.netflix.com) for three months, many hailed this as a no-brainer purchase at a cost of $35. Although there were few apps available to be streamed to Chromecast, the device was sold out in a few days. What happened to those devices that were eagerly purchased? Are they being used or lying in a closet or desk drawer? How are they being used?

 I purchased a Google Chromecast from BestBuy for $30 (plus tax) last month. I did missed out on the nice limited-time Netflix promotion but I had an idea of where and how I would use this device. Before I divulge my idea, let me take a step back and inform people that I am a cord cutter. For those who do not know what a cord cutter is, here is a link. I have been a cord cutter since March 2011. Do I miss having cable TV? The answer is no. I subscribe to Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime. Earlier this year, I have purchased a ClearStream Micron XG indoor HD TV antenna for $100 to get local channels. By becoming a cord cutter, I have become more productive around the house and ended my dependence to cable TV.

 With more time to work around the house, I have setup a guest room and mounted a 35-inch flat panel TV in the room. What better use for a Google Chromecast than on the guest room TV.  Installation was a breeze and streaming media to the Chromecast was way easy. When guests or my niece and nephews spend the night, they can steam content to my Google Chromecast.

 Google is developing and releasing interesting devices that is making people thing twice about subscribing to cable TV or satellite TV. It makes me smile when I go to my local Best Buy and approached by a Direct TV rep trying to sell me on their service. My response is a polite “I am a cord cutter”. The reactions vary from confusion or the response of “Oh” which leads the rep to walk away. I am not against cable TV or satellite TV but what I am against is the idea of paying for channels that I don’t watch or care to watch. Maybe with the release and development of Google Chromecast (and other steaming devices) that cable and satellite TV companies may start to take notice and offer people choices.

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