Is There a Better Method For Getting The Best Cable Price?

This morning I was looking at my Time Warner Cable bill and wondered if there is a promotion that will reduce my cable bill. I am currently paying $114.94 every month for Internet access. The Internet speed that I am paying for is up to 50 Mbps (download) and up to 5 Mbps (upload). I could get by with either 30 Mbps (download) and 5 Mbps (upload) or 20 Mbps (download) and 2 Mbps (upload) but I don’t want any stuttering, freezing, or anything that would hinder me from streaming media on the internet. Because I am a cord cutter, download different ISOs from my Microsoft TechNet subscription, perform offsite backups with CrashPlan, and update my computers, I want the fastest internet speed Time Warner Cable has available.

I called Time Warner Cable this morning and talked to an account representative who quickly found a promotion on my cable account. The promotion will reduce my cable bill from $114.94 to $74.94. That is a savings of $40 per month or $480 for the term of the promotion. This is a promotion that is good for 12 month and once the promotion expires could/will increase my cable bill back to $114.94 or to a price that is more than $74.94 but less than $114.94. I did not understand that part as it was explained to me but I will keep a closer eye on my cable bill. I have already placed a reminder a year from today to call Time Warner Cable to check for any new promotions.

I asked the Time Warner Cable account representative this question “Why do I have call Time Warner Cable every year to check for any new promotions?” The account representative did not have an answer (surprise). I don’t blame the account representative as this person is doing what she is being trained to do which look up my cable account information and check to see if the system has awarded me a promotion. I guess you can look at this process as winning a small lottery because there may not a promotion on your cable account each time you call Time Warner Cable. To me, this is an act of frustration because everyone with a Time Warner Cable account has to take the time to call to see if there is a promotion. I can see why Time Warner Cable goes with this business model because they are counting on you to keep paying your cable bill at full price. I can see this business plan as a opportunity to reinvest with their infrastructure to enhance their service (faster internet speeds, better equipment, more useful services. Does this really happen? My answer is “No”. What causes Time Warner Cable to offer better/more services is competition. For example Time Warner Cable Internet upgrade due to rival takeover attempt and Google Fiber announce plans to expand to other cities. AT&T announced their expansion of Gigabit Internet speeds to other cities shortly after Google announced their plans to expand Google Fiber to other cities. Is this a coincidence about AT&T announcement? The answer is “NO”.

The point I am trying to make is for management at Time Warner Cable and other Internet Service Providers should to take a close look at their current pricing polices and services in hopes of eliminating promotional offers and just offer one low price. With Google Fiber and AT&T upping the game to offer cheaper and faster Internet speeds, I hope that Time Warner Cable management will get their heads out of the sand and make some changes to try to keep their customers rather than wait for them to switch to Google Fiber or AT&T.

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